Savage Truths Art

Savage Truths is about art, freedom and cool gear

Recently we received an e-mail from a visitor of the Time Transportal. He wrote about his own brand: SAVAGE TRUTHS. Various of his designs are available on all kinds of products such as: t-shirts, phone cases and hoodies. Designs that have a clear message.

SAVAGE TRUTHS is an artists who makes designs with vibrant colors and is able to bring a conscious message with style. We think that his designs on apparel (t-shirts, hoodies) will look great when you're having a good time on a party or club. But we can imagine his designs in a Mad Max type of dystopian world as well. Raw, stylish and ready for the future.

Silence is no longer an option. Complacency, conformity and collusion have eroded the fabric of liberty and autonomy. Independence, mobility, expression and self-defense are under attack. Broadcast civility and courage so that new connections are made and freedom emboldened.


These are a few examples. Visit: for more ⇒

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