Possible Lockdown for Delhi, India to Fight Air Pollution

Name: Delhi, India.
Event: Air Crisis Lockdown.
Date: 11.16.2021.
Location: India, Earth.
News Link: theguardian.com - 11.16.2021.

When the first Covid-19 lockdowns started in 2020, many places worldwide had much cleaner air.
Less people using motorized vehicles.

We hope the people of Delhi in India don't have to go through a lockdown for (a few) days.
It's time for real clean energy, such as: industrial hemp ethanol and so on.
In the mean time the government of India is trying to ease the pollution and not to stop the pollution.

Soaring pollution has Delhi considering full weekend lockdown
Delhi’s state government has also said it is ready to impose an emergency weekend lockdown, similar to that implemented for the first time during Covid, to ease pollution levels, as India’s supreme court summoned it to demand answers on how the pollution was being dealt with, saying it required “drastic steps”.

Source: theguardian.com - 11.16.2021