Pegasus Spyware Aimed At Journalists, Activists And Politicians

Name: Pegasus Spyware.
Event: Fear of the Truth.
Date: 7.19.2021
Location: Israel, Worldwide, Earth.
News Link: - 7.19.2021

The question we have to ask is: Why? What are they afraid of?  The truth?
The news article says: "...sold by NSO Group to authoritarian governments around the world..."

Authoritarian governments around the world. 

Pegasus spyware spied on mobile users around the world
Notable figures such as journalists, activists and politicians have been targeted by phone malware sold to governments by an Israeli software firm.
Multiple reports have claimed the Pegasus spyware was sold by NSO Group to authoritarian governments around the world in order to carry out surveillance on opposition groups and dissidents alike.

Source: - 7.19.2021

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