News December 2017

World News. December 2017

Name: Australian Police.
Event: Leaked Audio.
Date: 7.28.2021
Location: Australia, Earth.
News Link: SonOfEnos - Brighteon Channel - 7.28.2021 An amazing audio recording. We don't know if this is real. It sounds pretty serious. Australian ...
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Name: Military.
Event: Urging Officers To Get Their Houses In Order.
Date: 7.23.2021
Location: United States of America, Worldwide, Earth.
News Link: roypotterqa - YouTube Channel - 7.23.2021 We're not much into doom and gloom ...
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Name: Protests In France.
Event: Protests Against COVID-19 Restrictions.
Date: 7.24.2021
Location: France, Earth.
News Link: - 7.24.2021 If you follow the (foreign) mainstream media news headlines. you'll notice that most of them only write ...
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Name: Mel Gibson Salutes Donald Trump.
Event: Future Proves Past.
Date: 7.11.2021
Location: United States of America, Earth.
News Link: - 7.11.2021 'Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.' Confucius Mel ...
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Name: Julian Assange.
Event: Witness Fabricated Story. Media Silent.
Date: 6.30.2021
Location: England, Iceland, Earth.
News Link: - 6.30.2021 The great thing to have visitors like you is that here we all know: the mainstream ...
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Name: St. Eugene’s Mission School in Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Event: Mass Graves of First Nation Discovered.
Date: 6.30.2021
Location: Canada, Earth.
News Link: - 6.30.2021 We don't write often about what the so called: Holy ...
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An interview with Kaan Sarıaydın was aired by the Turkish television channel Beyaz. Only a small part of this broadcast was uploaded on YouTube. Another part of the video was recently uploaded to reveal more ...
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An Ebola outbreak, monkeys stealing COVID-19 samples, worldwide protests and gatherings. It looks like a second wave could be the next step of the so called cabal. Meanwhile world leaders are taking Hydroxychloroquine as a ...
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This is an overview of a document of 11 pages with scientific evidence that chloroquine can be the cure for Covid-19. Screen image of Q-Drop April 29, 2020. - Click to enlarge. On April ...
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The Q Continuum Future Proves Past – Lock Down Look Up

A Dutch model on the cover of a magazine. COVFEFE for 5G. Atlas Mission. JFK Junior is alive. Rumors, chatter, Q Codes and different realities. While the world is in a corona daze a plot ...
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World News May 2018 - Mainstream media (MSM) is getting less reliable compared to some 'alternative' news sites, but still it can show us dots to connect on this timeline.

World News April 2018 - Mainstream media (MSM) is getting less reliable compared to some 'alternative' news sites, but still it can show us dots to connect on this timeline.

World News. October 2017

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