Mexico: State Secrecy on December 2020 Power Outage Details

Event: Mexico: State Secrecy on December 2020 Power Outage Details.
Name: Mexico, Secrecy, Power Outage.
Date: 2.25.2021.
Location: Mexico, Earth.
News Link: - 2.25.2021.

During these times of power outages, strange news from Mexico surfaced on the Internet.
The Mexican government does not want to disclose much information regarding the December 2020 power outage in Mexico, which affected more than 10 million people. This is somewhat odd.

They want to keep it secret because the information could trigger social unrest. A very noble cause, of course, but it also shows that the secret information could bring down (parts of) the system. Sounds somewhat like a paradox, perhaps? This will raise more questions.

They want to keep it secret till February 2023.

Details of December’s massive power outage to be kept secret for 2 years
CFE claims releasing details could affect outcome of investigation, trigger social unrest
Despite President López Obrador promising that his government won’t suppress public information, the state-owned Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will keep details of a massive blackout in December under wraps for two years.
In response to a freedom of information request by the newspaper El Universal for access to a public version of the file on the December 28 power outage that affected some 10.3 million customers, the CFE refused to release it.

Source: - 2.25.2021.