Media Paradox: Taliban Seizing Weapons From Civilians, Claims People Can Feel Safe

Name: Taliban.
Event: Seizing Weapons From Civilians.
Date: 8.16.2021
Location: Afghanistan, Earth.
News Link: - 8.16.2021

Let's see how mainstream media will process these events into something that suppose to make sense for the people.
Is this some training or test event? What's next: Taliban starting mass vax campaigns for the Afghan people?

Taliban taking guns from civilians = bad?
US government trying to take guns from Americans = good?

Taliban starts collecting weapons from civilians, claims people can feel safe under its rule
On Monday, the Taliban started entering premises around the captured Afghan capital of Kabul and began seizing weapons. A representative of the militant group said that people no longer needed to keep weapons for safety, confirming that it had started collecting firearms.

Source: - 8.16.2021