Lunar Ark – A Doomsday Vault on the Moon for Earth’s Species

Event: Lunar Ark - A Doomsday Vault on the Moon for Earth's Species.
Name: Lunar Ark, Doomsday Vault, Moon.
Date: 3.11.2021.
Location: Moon, Milky Way.
News Link: - 3.11.2021.

Scientists Want To Build A “Doomsday Vault” Of Earth’s Species On the Moon, Just In Case
A team of researchers from the University of Arizona has made a bold proposal for preserving life on Earth in the event of a global crisis. They outline what it would take to create a repository of life — not just humankind but animal and plant life — far away from the risks that our planet faces, whether natural or due to human activity. The proposal may sound like something out of a science fiction story but it is surprisingly realistic.

Source: - 3.11.2021.