Liberated Penguin Units Investigate Chicago Aquarium

Event: Liberated Penguin Units Investigate Chicago Aquarium.
Name: Chicago Penguin Unit 2020.
Date: 3.18.2020 (date of New Zealand news article).
Location: Chicago, United States of America, Planet Earth, The Universe.
News Links: - 3.18.2020

And so it begins? Is this an echo from the Structure Of Mammoth Bones From 25,000 Years Ago ⇒  ... that activated the liberation process of the Animal Kingdom ?

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Penguins freed to waddle wild in US aquarium

After the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, US had to close amid the coronavirus pandemic, staff decided to let a few waddling residents out of their enclosures for a field trip.

Source: - 3.18.2020