Data Erased From 117 Cell Phones Of HM Treasury, The UK Government’s Economic and Finance Ministry

Name: HM Treasury, The UK Government's Economic and Finance Ministry.
Event: Data Erased From 117 Cell Phones.
Date: 7.12.2021
Location: United Kingdom, Earth.
News Link: - 7.12.2021

117 phones.

Over 100 Treasury cell phones wiped clean due to wrongly entered PIN

High-security computer or phone systems where multiple entries of a wrong password initiate an irreversible wipe of all data on the device (assuming it's fallen into the wrong hands) isn't unheard of.

In fact, both Android and iOS smartphones can be easily set up to self-destruct their data after multiple failed attempts to enter the right password. Yet this seemingly innocent security feature is causing a political uproar over in the UK, where it seems to have been used in an extremely unethical way in the Treasury.

Source: - 7.12.2021

Texts linked to Greensill wiped from government issued phones

Last year, IT desk of the department had reset 117 of its 2,100 mobile phones after users entered the wrong pin code, blocking the devices, the Guardian reported.

Questions were raised about conversation between Cameron and government officials, with MPs demanding the texts to be made public.

Meanwhile, Scholar said he could not divulge the contents of his text to Cameron as they were wiped from his phone when it was reset in June last year.

“Under government security as applies to mobile phones, if the password is incorrectly entered more than a few times, the phone is locked, and the only way to unlock it is to reset it,” he said.

“…I am certainly not the only person to whom that has happened,” he added.

Source: - 7.12.2021