An interesting story about a French army officer Louis Six days after we published our exclusive article Déjà Vu, A Junction of Timelines? a new article surfaced on the internet. The website Discover Magazine has published a déjà vu story based on scientiffic papers History repeating itself: Arnaud’s case of pathological déjà vu. It’s an interesting story about a French army officer Louis. Louis served in Vietnam and later he was sent home because he had symptoms of amnesia, probably caused by cerebral malaria.  He had delusions of déjà vu. It worsened and he also developed paranoia according to this story. In January 1893, 18Read More →

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At the Same Time & Space?  Sometimes two or more people together feel the Déjà vu vibe. Or people have two or more Déjà vu experiences in a row. It has always been a big question: What is a Déjà vu? And when asking questions of this type, one must go into the realms of the mystical. The Mystery Because there seem to be no down to earth explanation for this phenomena, yet. Perhaps when mankind is further in technological advancements. Then mankind can finally understand or innerstand Déjà vu? It’s a French Word. It literally means: Already Seen The interesting part of a Déjà vuRead More →

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