Daily Natural Elements  Everybody knows that making new friends is not always easy. This world has many great people. But also folks who don’t have good intentions. You may have to be careful when meeting new people. Especially when you’re a traveler and a stranger to people. And when entering unknown territory you have to be extra careful. People can do bad things. But besides people you can experience obstacles. Some elements of nature can act against you. But is this always the case? Are these natural elements really your enemy? Or are they invisible friends on your journey? We’re not talking about humans norRead More →

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Prep for the Unknown We live in dynamic times Useful Links Air Pollution in World: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map EMSC Worldwide Earthquake Map RSOE EDIS – Emergency and Disaster Information Service – Realtime Map See also: time transportal – Travel Prep Gear ⇒ Click here for printable version (no images) 3 x A4. Word Document. 23Kb Basic Prep Flashlight Rope / Paracord Matches / Lighter Knife Candles Portable sewing Fish hook Batteries Tape Multi tool Compass Gloves Glow sticks Thermometer Soap Watch Mirror Fuel Transportation Safety pins Cutlery First aid kit Paracetamol Passport / Identity card A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-Peak – Survival Gear Kit with Embedded Compass, FireRead More →

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Prep Your Travel in Time & Space  You need some items with you  Town, country, hot or cold. Rough wilderness or urban jungle. Every environment and location is different. One needs to be able to adapt. And be prepared. Keep (small) items with you. In any case you need them. We have a selection of time travel gear. For future and past timelines.  See also: Prep & Survival – Full List ⇒ A Notebook Journal Like a captain, you need something to keep a logbook. Maybe you enter a world that doesn’t have electricity. This means that you have to keep your notes on paper. In aRead More →

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