Wednesday 27 October 2021 | Week nr. 43

Time Transportal Since 2016


About Our Company

The Time Transportal Website Was Launched In May 2016.
It started as an artistic research project. Soon it became a wider platform for various media and news.

And 5 years later, in June 2021 a web shop with authentic Time Transportal designs on premium quality t-shirts was launched, inside the Transportal of Time.

The Time Transportal is a trademark of: Anthroptic publishing.
All ways from the perspective of our existence, which is: the humanoid point of view, also known as:
Anthro Optic.

Anthroptic Publishing
Dutch Chamber of Commerce / KvK: 77572602

The Time Transportal website is 'non-commercial'. We mean that the website has no advertisements,
no sponsors, no donations and no other way of income.
The articles on the website are made for free. No login, no membership nor payment is needed to read our articles. See also: About Us ⇒

The web shop is what it is: a web shop where we sell our own designed t-shirts for the future. This is a commercial enterprise, to boldly go where ...

And the income we gain from the t-shirts are to cover the expenses of running the web shop, overhead, production costs and third parties, such as: payment gateways, marketing and Dutch Taxes.

We can say that the web shop is a: semi-startup

It's not totally new, because the Time Transportal is on the world wide web for five years. But also new, the web shop has been launched in June 2021.

Customer Service

Because the web shop is a startup (or semi-startup) we can't afford a fulltime, or even a part-time telephonic helpdesk.
You can contact our customer service via e-mail:  You can also use the contact form, directly in your account.


We don't use A.I. or other digital automaton to function as a customer service 'agent'.

Anthro Optic is the humanoid point of view. Whether you're from: the Orion Constellation, another Crater,
a Deep Underground Military Base or you're a Human from Gaia:
we're all humanoid form, in one way or the other. And we all deserve a decent way of communicating, and this includes subjects dealing with customer service as well.

Our customer service agent is a real non-synthetic human person, willing and able to help you with your questions, to the fullest as possible. If you have any questions regarding our products, your order, or shipments, contact the Time Transportal via e-mail:
During normal and new-normal circumstances you'll get a reply within 24 Earth hours.