Wednesday 27 October 2021 | Week nr. 43

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About Charity

We're happy to have great visitors like you on our site. We don't have to explain much as to: why we don't send money to large charity organizations.

Billions were donated for Haiti, and only a few houses were built. Charity money that gets 'lost. CEOs of some charity organizations caught in shady human trafficking schemes. And many more examples, you can find in the mainstream media, regarding unethical, unhuman 'charity practices'.

We Believe In Charity

The Time Transportal believes in charity, in the essence of the word: charity.
We believe in helping each other. Giving support, empowerment and loving one another.
But we don't trust those 'well known' charity organizations. Therefore we wont support or sent money to those multinational charities.

We believe in direct, visible charity, so to speak. Giving some money or food to that guy,
who is homeless, in our neighborhood. Donating money to local animal shelter(s).

Yes, we do want to donate money to real, trusted charity organizations. We do this already as individual persons,
but the Time Transportal want to do this as well. And then we will write something about this charity in a new article.

If you know a charity or good cause, that needs donations from the income of our web shop sales,
you can contact us:
We will look into your charity e-mail request and have a meeting with our staff.