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During these days of awakening and information censorship, you can talk the talk and walk the walk with style and SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW.

How can you do this without cyberspace, the Internet? Our solution is a classic one. Often used from the 60's to the present time.
The Time Transportal presents to you: brand new T-Shirt designs.

Wear your T-Shirt to inform or to start a conversation. Or the opposite: wear your T-Shirt with grace to discover who stays silent, when looking with big eyes at the powerful message on your T-Shirt. Give a T-Shirt message to that person who wants to know more.

Premium quality T-Shirts with modern timeless designs that takes you to the future.

The real deal. Fresh from the press.

• No toxic dyes from the t-shirt colors.
• No toxics from the printing ink.
• No biological bugs, such as: insects.
• No electronic bugs, such as: RFID chips and morgellon fibers.
• No viruses.
• No hidden codes or symbols.
• No sweatshop products.
• We're no spooks, secret agents or spies.

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