The news stories of fireballs in the sky are increasing From dash cams to mobile phones, all are recording. And more and more videos of bright objects flashing through the skies can be viewed online. Is this because the planet Earth is passing through the Photon Belt? Or are these fireballs an introduction to something bigger heading towards Earth? One of the latest fireball event was above Japan. The bright meteor was recorded by cameras of the Nippon Meteor Society on May 23, 2016 at 8pm local time. Source: More →

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The need for a perfect clock Scientists have been working on the most accurate clocks since time has been measured. From atomic clocks to electro magnetic clocks, the need for perfect time measurement and observation is great and becomes more important with the use of digital devices. In other words: We need a perfect working clock. Not only for knowing when the Sun rises and the Moon arrives, as our ancestors did with their natural clocks. Today’s world has to know much more about excact time measurement.  And a split second is a basic element of this.  This world is filled with digital devices using time asRead More →

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An interesting story about a French army officer Louis Six days after we published our exclusive article Déjà Vu, A Junction of Timelines? a new article surfaced on the internet. The website Discover Magazine has published a déjà vu story based on scientiffic papers History repeating itself: Arnaud’s case of pathological déjà vu. It’s an interesting story about a French army officer Louis. Louis served in Vietnam and later he was sent home because he had symptoms of amnesia, probably caused by cerebral malaria.  He had delusions of déjà vu. It worsened and he also developed paranoia according to this story. In January 1893, 18Read More →

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Most of the science papers, reports and articles are written in such way only scientists can understand it Science was not always totally ‘open’ to the public. Of course it may be logic due to the fact most people are not interested in (all) science. But are people not interested in science? Depending on the definition of science, we can say that things like cooking or gardening are forms of science. And one important aspect of life and a fundemental element in science is: time. Perhaps we can say that everybody is into science on a daily base because of time. But when it comesRead More →

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Continuum TV Series (2012–2015) Seasons: 4. Creator: Simon Barry. Stars: Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lobo, Victor Webster. Production Co: Reunion Pictures, Shaw Media. Episode Runtime:  45 min. Storyline Timeframe: Future 2077, Present 21st century. Story Location: United States of America, Planet Earth. Language: English. More info: 2077. My time, my city, my family. When terrorists killed thousands of innocents, they were condemned to die. They had other plans. A time travel device sent us all back 65 years. I want to get home, but I can’t be sure what I will return to if history is changed. Their plan? To corrupt and control the present in orderRead More →

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Paycheck Year: 2003. Director: John Woo. Stars: Ben Affleck, Aaron Eckhart, Uma Thurman. Writers: Philip K. Dick (short story), Dean Georgaris (screenplay). Production Co: Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks SKG. Runtime: 119 min. Storyline Timeframe: Present, 21st century. Story Location: United States of America, Planet Earth. Language: English. More info: A Story About a Future Timeline Jennings (Ben Affleck)  is an inventor who works as a freelancer. After he finished a project of developing a holographic television, that took a few months, his memory is erased. This is part of his contract; to let his memories (of working on the inventions) erased. This is done by usingRead More →

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What if the classified technologies are years ahead of the public sector? Perhaps a 1000 years? And if not; todays technologies are sometimes incredible as well. The Looking Glass uses Wormhole technology. It can see the past and a possible future. Can it see the future of one timeline? Or several timelines? And  according to stories, the Looking Glass device is able to teleport. Also to other worlds? The Project Camelot website has some interesting information on this subject: With regard to LG (Looking Glass): As I understand it, this device (at least 3 to 4 years ago) could not focus on a detailed sequence ofRead More →

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Mars Recall The plot of the movie Total Recall is about a machine creating an atmosphere on Mars. This machine is melting huge amounts of ice and creates steam that forms clouds in the sky. People of the Mars colonies finally can breathe on the surface of the planet. This movie has a more eco-friendly approach of terraforming compared to the new plans for the red planet. To support life for the soon to be Earth colonies there must be some human friendly atmosphere, ofcourse, to nuke Mars seems to be an option. Nukes can also be used to open or close portals and perhaps even triggerRead More →

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Mars is old and so is it’s ice Finally the news is in the public domain: there was water on the red planet. And there’s still water overthere in the form of ancient ice. The ancient Arctic ice on planet Earth contains tiny old life forms. Could this be the same with ice on Mars? And when humans will colonize Mars, will there be life forms coming from the ancient ice on Mars? Is it benevolent life? If not; then perhaps the plan to nuke Mars is not such bad idea after all? Or will the nukes also destroy important time capsules on planet Mars? IceRead More →

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It was an exciting time. The days before old year’s eve 1999. It was the arrival of a new millenium and the notorious Year 2000 Bug. Some people started with serious preperations in case it would be the end of the world. All caused by a computer bug. The story in short: internal computer clocks were not programmed to handle the time shift from 1999 to 2000, as it was said in the mainstream media. This bug could affect all computers on earth and could trigger world wide chaos. More info: Wikipedia. The Y2K Bug.  There was the same sort of hype before the arrivalRead More →

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