It was an exciting time. The days before old year’s eve 1999. It was the arrival of a new millenium and the notorious Year 2000 Bug. Some people started with serious preperations in case it would be the end of the world. All caused by a computer bug. The story in short: internal computer clocks were not programmed to handle the time shift from 1999 to 2000, as it was said in the mainstream media. This bug could affect all computers on earth and could trigger world wide chaos. More info: Wikipedia. The Y2K Bug.  There was the same sort of hype before the arrivalRead More →

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An eruption by Mount Etna on the Italian island of Sicily could be the cause of a local time shift July 11, 2011 was Etna’s 5th eruption of that year. It was strong and short. Afterwards thousands of Sicilians noticed that their watches, alarms and even computer clocks were running 15 minutes fast. Mechanical Natural? Could the volcano be the trigger event? Or was another event that activated the volcanic time shift. Perhaps the heat of the volcano causing fluctuations in temperatures in mechanical and electronical devices? There is no logical explanation, for now. Perhaps when science has found out more about certain frequencies coming fromRead More →

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