Event: Venezuela Satellite Vanished in Space. Name: Venezuela Telecom Satellite. Date: 3.27.2020. Location: Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: abcnews.go.com – 3.27.2020 See also:  US offers $25 million for information that leads to Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro arrest The US Justice Department announced the indictment of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday for “narco-terrorism” and offered $15 million (A$25 million) for information leading to his capture. Source: sbs.com.au – 3.27.2020 Venezuela’s only telecoms satellite is lost in space Venezuela’s only telecommunications satellite has veered off its orbit and stopped working, creating a logistical headache for the cash-strapped South American nation. Source: abcnews.go.com – 3.27.2020Read More →

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Event: All Overseas Movement of U.S. Military on Halt. Name: U.S. Military. Date: 3.25.2020. Location: Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: uk.reuters.com – 3.25.2020 A new step in the fight against the invisible enemy. Exclusive: Pentagon orders halt overseas movement for U.S. military over coronavirus Source: uk.reuters.com – 3.25.2020Read More →

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Event: Elite Hackers Cyber Attack WHO. Name: Unclear. Date: 3.23.2020. Location: Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: jpost.com – 3.23.2020 Elite Hackers. Elite hackers target WHO as coronavirus cyberattacks spike WASHINGTON/LONDON – Elite hackers tried to break into the World Health Organization earlier this month, sources told Reuters, part of what a senior agency official said was a more than two-fold increase in cyberattacks. Source: jpost.com – 3.23.2020Read More →

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Event: Waves of Solar Radiation in March. Name: Solar Radiation Storm. Date: 3.24.2020. Location: Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: swpc.noaa.gov – 3.24.2020 Is this the storm Q talks about? Space Weather Message Code: ALTEF3 Space Weather Message Code: ALTEF3 Serial Number: 3028 Issue Time: 2020 Mar 24 1436 UTC CONTINUED ALERT: Electron 2MeV Integral Flux exceeded 1000pfu Continuation of Serial Number: 3027 Begin Time: 2020 Mar 23 1635 UTC Yesterday Maximum 2MeV Flux: 1228 pfu NOAA Space Weather Scale descriptions can be found at www.swpc.noaa.gov/noaa-scales-explanation Potential Impacts: Satellite systems may experience significant charging resulting in increased risk to satellite systems. Source: swpc.noaa.gov – 3.24.2020 Two waves ofRead More →

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Event: Lost Continent Chunk Found Off The Coast of Canada. Name: Lost Continent. Date: 3.23.2020. Location: Baffin Island, Canadian mainland and Greenland, Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: sciencealert.com – 3.23.2020 While the world is fragmented, mother Earth keeps revealing. The Fragment of an Ancient Lost Continent Has Been Discovered Off The Coast of Canada While analysing igneous rock samples recovered from diamond exploration drilling in the Chidliak Kimberlite Province at the southern stretches of Baffin Island, researchers identified a mineral signature in the rock they had never expected to find. Source: sciencealert.com – 3.23.2020Read More →

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Event: Genetically Modified Neurons Connect to Cybernetic Implants. Name: Cybernetics. Date: 3.19.2020. Location: Stanford University in California, United States of America, Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: newscientist.com – 3.19.2020 Super soldiers, cyborgs and implants. These things exist for a long time.  Genetically modified neurons could help us connect to implants Here come the cyborgs. The electrical properties of specific types of nerve cell in living animals have been changed by genetically modifying them to produce conducting polymers on their surfaces. Source: newscientist.com – 3.19.2020Read More →

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During these strange days in a corona daze many people are staying inside their homes. Whether it’s because of (forced) quarantine or trying to avoid the masses in the public domain. The cosy atmosphere of your own habitat is often the best place to be. Here’s a list of 34 movies and television series that may fit this current timeline of: virus outbreak and pandemic, electromagnetic frequency hegemony (such as 5G), human social behavior and world domination. The links are from the IMDB – the International Movie Database. Instead of binge watching you could also do other things, such as: Reading articles and books about theRead More →

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Event: Liberated Penguin Units Investigate Chicago Aquarium. Name: Chicago Penguin Unit 2020. Date: 3.18.2020 (date of New Zealand news article). Location: Chicago, United States of America, Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: stuff.co.nz – 3.18.2020 And so it begins? Is this an echo from the Structure Of Mammoth Bones From 25,000 Years Ago ⇒  … that activated the liberation process of the Animal Kingdom ? See also: Future Fauna ⇒ Penguins freed to waddle wild in US aquarium After the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, US had to close amid the coronavirus pandemic, staff decided to let a few waddling residents out of their enclosures for a field trip. Source: stuff.co.nzRead More →

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Event: Type A Blood More Likely To Catch COVID-19 Than Type O Blood. Name: Type A & Type B Blood, COVID-19, Corona virus. Date: 3.17.2020 Location: Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: dailymail.co.uk – 3.17.2020 Is the Chosen People theory in our article correct? Or is it something else? See also: Covid-19 What Is It? – Holistic Timeline Overview Part 2 ⇒ People with Type A blood are MORE likely to catch corona virus than those with Type O, study claims A person’s blood type may make them more susceptible to catching the novel corona virus spreading around the world, a new study claims. Source: dailymail.co.uk – 3.17.2020Read More →

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Event: 25,000-year-old circular structure made of hundreds of mammoth bones. Name: Kostenki 11 Circular Mammoth Bone Structure. Date: 3.17.2020 Location: Kostenki 11, Russia, Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: zmescience.com – 3.17.2020 Kostenki 11. The place of the Mammoth Bones structure. A strange echo from the past? Scientists find 25,000-year-old circular structure made of hundreds of mammoth bones A bizarre 41-foot-wide (12.5-meter) circular structure made entirely of wooly mammoth bones was recently unearthed in Russia. Scientists believe that the structure is 25,000 years old. Source: zmescience.com – 3.17.2020Read More →

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