By Nadine Freischlad on 12 June 2018 – The image of nuclear energy took a huge hit after the catastrophic accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan in 2011. Some countries are phasing out their nuclear power programs. Around the world, however, proponents of an alternative type of reactor billed as safer and more efficient are gaining steam with their ideas. One of them is Bob Effendi, a native of Indonesia. Indonesia has long been skeptical of nuclear power. But at the country struggles to meet its targets for renewable energy, some within the government appear to be listening to the thorium pitch. JAKARTA —Read More →

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World War III ZONE GLOBAL NEWS A prophecy against Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins. – Isaiah 17:1 – New International Version The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. –  Isaiah 17:1 -King James Bible Syria air strikes: US, UK and France launch missiles in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack – –  4.14.2018 US ports on the frontlines of trade war – – 4.9.2018 “Massive Explosions” Heard Above Syria Amid Reports Of Fighter Jets Airstrikes; Pentagon Denies – – 4.9.2018Read More →

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This Time There’s a Real Missile Type of Threat on Hawaii Instead of the false alarm situation, the Kilaeau volcano could launch some volcanic rocks. When I was younger, beginning 1990’s, I started to read undergound magazine’s about UFO’s. And I also went to some lectures of speakers with VHS video footages of UFO’s. The basic story then, in that time was something like this: Aliens have been visiting the Earth for a long time. Most of them hide in volcanos around the world. And when the day of the rapture arrives, their ships (UFO’s) will fly out those volcanos. Eventually saving some humans alongRead More →

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World News May 2018 – Mainstream media (MSM) is getting less reliable compared to some ‘alternative’ news sites, but still it can show us dots to connect on this timeline. China connects to dark side of Moon with satellite launch – – 5.21.2018 Japan is poised to FLOOD the Pacific with one million tons of radioactive water contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear plant – – 5.21.2018 Experts warn electromagnetic radiation from WiFi and power lines poses a ‘credible threat’ to Earth’s species – – 5.18.2018 Indonesia’s most volatile volcano erupts again – – 5.21.2018 Lava from Kilauea volcano enters ocean, creates toxic cloudRead More →

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Fake News is a Hot Topic During These Strange Days  Various tribes blame each other for spreading disinformation a.k.a. Fake News. Cake is not fake. Cake is sweet and with enough butter it may even be fulfilling. We advise not to use margarine as this was invented to feed farm animals, especially: Turkeys and Goose… right? “Nope. Not even remotely true. It’s actually a bit absurd. Margarine was invented in France by Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès in 1869, during the Franco-Prussian wars. He invented it in response to a competitive challenge from the French government under Napoleon III, who was looking for a cheap and stable substituteRead More →

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Open Windows, Cryptocrime, Thor and a Prime Minister  The events around the so called ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’ can be inspirational fuel for story writers in the Holy Woods. Numbers and symbols can add some dots to connect. Edit 4.24.2018 | The bitcoin heist took place between December 2017 and January 2018. Six hundred (600) so called bitcoin-mining computers and hardware were stolen. Altogether worth $2 million. If the stolen equipment, which can also be used for other virtual currencies, is used for it’s original purpose then thieves have a massive untraceable money making machine in their hands. The owners of the crypto currency-mining machines have promised a rewardRead More →

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Vimana Landing Signs. Time Travel Hub in the Desert? Or Tribals Trying to Activate Rain?  Looking from the sky down to the high desert of southern Peru one can see various images drawn in straight clear lines in the ground. The mysterious Nazca lines in Peru. A Hummingbird,  spider and some random strokes. Are these artistic, religious lines or an unknown phenomena? They look almost like graphic designs. Geoglyphs, ‘Ground drawings’ is the name of these type of images etched in the ground. According to mainstream media these lines were made more than a millennium ago. Ancient tribes and people made these lines for practicesRead More →

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